You Want To Fight With No Reason? Here’s A Solution App

fight app
Rumblr app, challenge people to fight.

You’ve probably seen the movie Fight Club, right? Well for the diehard fans, there is a solution.

This app developer got his inspiration too litteraly and created a “fight tinder” where people can let out their agression to other peeps.

This app called Rumblr, is created so that people have ability to bash each others heads. Find yourself a partner and let the fight begin.


It shows clearly how you can get involved with this studpid hype. The creator of the app tells us: “Rumblr is an app for recreational fighters to find, meet, and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby”.

Well, if you think this doesn’t exist, try it for yourself. Cause this app will be launched soon on the app market.
It allow amateur fighters to search each other out, you can also compare stats, like height, weight, experience, etc.

Would you try it or take the chance to have a fight with someone? You can even chat to your opponent before you break his head down. Also will be a map tool to find potential opponents, and you will be able to filter and sort specific things like “girl fights” or “gang fights”.

I personally worry about the fighting app, and I wonder how long this app will be available on app market. What could possibly go wrong? If you bash someone’s head open, who will be responsible for that? I can’t wait to see the first videos on

My idea is to turn it to a gambling scene. So you can bet on fighters, this will change a certain gambling scene. So who is ready to fight for money? I pass this stage and let’s focus on positive vibe apps. Like apps where you can share your ideas and knowledge. Who starts this idea on kick starter?

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