Woman Reacts Brilliantly To Requests Nude Photos.


What do you do when a woman messaging with a man, that would not stop to ask for nude photos ? Of course you can give in to the desire of the intrusive admirer, but you can do what one tweeter did. And that makes her now very much appreciated.

The beautiful Jwzayn was crazy about a guy who just kept asking for photos during calls. Because she wanted to put the horny gentleman in his place, she sent him something else.


Instead of a nude photo she sent a white plate, showing just mark what you see as a page (or photo) is loading. So it seemed as if the photo was yet to come, and of course that would never happen.

To her great joy her suitor appeared to have not agreed on. ” The picture does not load, please send it again” was his response. The young woman sent the same picture again, followed by “Did you get it?

Then the penny has not yet dropped, she decided to share the conversation on Twitter. As it soon became shared thousands of times and people rave about the way they pushy man was put in his place.

Meanwhile, the picture she also shared with everyone, for all women who find themselves in a similar situation. Now we wait for other women who bring this joke into practice!

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