With This Device You Lift Your Snorkel Game To The Next Level.

Triton Underwater Gills

Are you a lover of the underwater world ? Then we have the ultimate gadget for you. Snorkeling is fun, diving pleasure, you only need some oxygen to last in the underwater world. Thanks to Handy Harry’s Triton Gills snorkeling has become much easier.

triton03 (1)They have developed a device that allows you to breathe underwater. Let those heavy divers bottles and related stuff at home, plug this thing into your mouth and you do not have to swim up the twenty seconds for viable dose oxygen.

triton01The device has a rechargeable battery and later going for about $ 300 over the counter.
Of these you have less than 45 minutes underwater fun. That’s about as much as an average swim session. Great Invention !

Check out the video:

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