With Martin Garrix In Ibiza.

martin garrix ibiza

He’s near everybody and really accessible to audience.
Always taking care of his friends and of course willing to take pictures with his fans.

The most bookers like him because of his energy and the entourage around him. But what makes Martin aka Martijn Gerritsen himself? What makes other people say it’s a family?

Martin Garrix and Aubrey Wright (Tourmanager)

For example, when you create a successful path in what you’ve believe, everything will approach you and start following you. What do you think, is this is a reality or just another love story that feeds itself from a bubble?

Martijn Gerritsen, graduated at Herman Brood Academy in Utrecht, The Netherlands. While he was studying, his career was growing and meantime worldwide bookings were approaching him. It is hectic to keep your study and you work, but he decided to finish his music academy and continue in his music career.

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