When Will These Delivery Drones Deliver Our Packages.


Project Wing, Parcelcopter 3.0 and Prime Air, these are the names of the three most famous concerned chaperones in the making. But how long does it take well before your ordered package is delivered at your front door ?

At present, various parties are developing a delivery drone. The largest and best known are Google, Amazon and delivery service DHL. The basis of these drones is the same:
they have to fly with a package from A to B. The difference, and thus the difficulty lies in the way the packet is then dropped.

The prototype delivery drone by Amazon delivers directly into the garden, as can be seen in a promotional video that was published online late last year. The customer has a pre-kind landing platform with the Amazon logo placed on the lawn. How to do that with houses without a garden?

Google says the delivery drones will be operational around 2017.  that there is undoubtedly a working concept, but it might still take at least five years before packets for commercial purposes with a drone are delivered undamaged.

If someone really is desperate for a product, the package can be delivered faster than your postman. And retailers can earn again. “At ‘next hour delivery‘ can tackle parties a nice margin. Purely commercial.


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