Trash Talk At The First Press Conference Of McGregor And Diaz.

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Of course, we disappointed that the big fight does not take place between McGregor and Dos Anjos, but the fight that we’re going to get now is not wrong. The 30-year-old Diaz is not exactly a rookie and did not hesitate when they asked him to replace Dos Anjos.
That the American like Conor is is not afraid to say what they thinks is no secret, so the fans could not wait for the first news conference.

McGregor Diaz persconferentieThe two rivals sat for the first time behind the microphone and treated us to a wonderful game of trash talk. As you already know the foul-mouthed Irishman love to drill his opponent in publicly into the ground, but Diaz has hit an opponent with an equally sharp tongue.

Both men showed every opportunity to belittle others and to intimidate and delivers a press conference on an unprecedented high entertainment value. The final battle will be half as fascinating, we have been very satisfied.

Check out the video:

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