Denise Esposito did not know what she saw when she delivered a typewriter in her home was. The sender? None other than Tom Hanks. The actor wanted to thank Denise for her notebook full of sketches of the man himself Tom Hanks.

Denise is a big fan of the movie star and handed Tom a few weeks ago a special gift.

In a notebook Denise drew the most beautiful sketches of all film roles that Tom has ever played. As a token of thanks the actor sent, who is a big fan of typewriters, a nice specimen to Denise. In an accompanying letter he writes: “For your lovely book full of sketches of all those movies. Here is a typewriter so you can do what you gotta do. Make more art.

Check out the wonderful video.

The actor also crashed a wedding when he was jogging in central park new york. He posed to have a selfie with the just married couple.

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