This Pokemon Card Is Worth 100.000 Dollars, Do You Got Him?


Born in the 90s? Then you probably was as a child undoubtedly busy with Pokémon cards. Bartering during recess at school were the order of the day. The good news: If you have exchanged your cards well at that time, you can check on ebay if they are still worth some. The most expensive Pokémon card is in fact worth 100.000 dollars unfortunately, this is one very rare.

fbc74a7feec8acb06a8a5e9fcaa806bb-1456500692The chances are very small that the card in your collection, but you can always check your old collection if you still have the cards.. It concerns the “Pokémon Illustrator Card ‘, of which only 39 were made. The card was the prize for winners of competitions illustration of Pokémon cards in 1997 and 1998. EBay is the card retail for $ 100,000
The owner describes the map as a ‘holy grail’ and the rarest card in the world.

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