This New Hoverboard Is Able To Go 3000 Meters Into The Sky.


Man has the property that all must become faster, higher, better and cooler than ever. That man has made many inventions is known and we can now add a new addition to that list.

Franky Zapata, jet ski racer and inventor of the flyboard, has now created a real hoverboard. Not such a clumsy bike where you neighbor girls drive around with, but one with a real jet. The machine produces unimaginable numbers that we almost did not believe. The flyboard Air has a viable height of just over 3000 meters! And a top speed of 93 km/h.

In the first test video we get to see that the jetpack holds Franky for under his feet for slightly more than three minutes, but it should be extended to 10 minutes. You do not need water to float. We are curious what else we can expect from this Frenchman.

Check out the cool video

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