This is an invention that makes us men’s heart beat faster. With this mattress, you never suffer from a dying arm as you’re spooning with your girlfriend in bed. Here you can just put your arm in the mattress rather than let it slowly blackening with a painful dying arm as a result.

To fall asleep with your girlfriend in this posture is awfully romantic and is equally delicious. With the emphasis on equally. Because after a few minutes you have the feeling that there is a sumo wrestler on your arm. You also don’t want to wake up your ladylove because you almost can not move your arm. No, you better just have this mattress.

6ff7bc_489e89fb29194b15bf30f39186eda005With your head and feet, it consists of several layers, giving you your arm space so it can be lowered through it. But never mind, people who sleep alone, can also make good use of this ingenious mattress. If you want to read for example, but you are too lazy to store your book. Then you can put your book between the beautiful layers. Whether you have lost your phone somewhere, put it just between your Cuddle Mattress.

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