This Is How The New IPhone 7 Plus Will Look Like.


We finally know what the new iPhone will look like. This guy is one of the very first that managed to get a iPhone 7 Plus Protoype. He puts it alongside the iPhone 6 Plus and shows the differences. Now we finally know exactly what we can expect from this beautiful piece of engineering.

A few days ago the news was already out about the exact release date. There were already rumors about the specs for this new mobile. Now we can say with certainty about what it can do and what he looks like.

The iPhone 7 Plus has a dual camera on the back, probably the standard.
Furthermore, it is now certain that the Iphone 7 has no jack plug in for earphones or headphones. How would you plug in your earbuds ? Well, you get a new pair earbuds, which you put in on the charging port. Further, the 7 likely to be able to charge wirelessly, for charging the magnets on the backside look much like those of an Apple Watch.

According to rumors, the new best friend of man would be waterproof, but that seems to be based on a myth. In the video below you’ll find everything you want to know about the new device.

Check out the video

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