This Guy Built His Own Underground Apocalyptic Bunker


This must be a dream for every kid, your own Apocalyptic Bunker !
Colin Furze from the UK made his own man cave and shows exactly how he did it.

In a 4 serie of episodes, Colin shows the idea and how he thinks how to do it.
From the new shed that he build he made a tunnel shaft with some steps going down.
Once underground you walk to a room just enough to fit a couple of friends to have an awesome hangout.

It took him to dig a massive hole, take down his own fence, clear the garden and build a metal structure where all the electric and other benefits will be in and cover all that in concrete to be protected for a hazardous apocalypse.

From the entrance on the floor of his shed, he can open the hatch of the bunker and put the lights on.
In the room there is about everything that you would need to survive a apocalypse.
A Kitchen with enough food to feed the family, a microwave and even a sink with stored water.
The toilet is not very private but who cares, it’s the end of the world !?
Generators if the electricity would fail, a drumkit because no one will hear you down there, of course a TV with surround sound and the additional stuff like a PS4 and a retro Sega !
if that’s not enough, he even built some protection in the shaft with 2 remote automatic guns if someone crazy tries to get in.

Take a look yourself !

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