These Underwater Housings Are Phenomenal.


Do you have a few million lying around ? Then this should definitely be your next purchase. These beautiful but absurd houses partially submerged and cost “only” 2.4 million.

a83096a3211e83b08a308dad51972901-1455440737According to Tech Insider there are fewer than 5,000 research hours and 13,000 hours of design in these incredible homes stabbed. The hideaways, called ‘Floating Seahorse’, developed by property developer Kleindienst and are right on the coast of Dubai known in the islands as “The Heart of Europe”.

a21102a295f493a34485337fe7a39739-1455440766The exclusive floating homes went last year in sales and Kleindienst says now have sold sixty of the water body. The homeowners can view from the couch in their new cottage pass by hundreds of marine animals.

10ce911e8a20eb7824ffdc1206e3b10f-1455440773In the part that lies submerged, is the bedroom and the bathroom. On the upper floor residents can stretch out on a floating bed with a beautiful view.

45acddbe3692a116dc68fba7a50bab59-145544075810abe96e7f32efd408e411c3cc327bb0-1455440749Of course you can only reach the unique homes by boat or seaplane. We can only dream.

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