These Are All The Updates That Pokémon GO Will Soon Have, Including The Exchange Of Pokémon !

pokemon go future hints

In the scorching sun of San Siego, John Hanke-the boss behind Niantic creator of the game Pokemon GO, made the announced that Pokémon GO will soon get a major update. So you all can soon swap your double Pokémons from the Pokémon from other players.

So you can probably see other players in the game. In what way it will be is not clear yet. There are rumors that this will go through a messaging system through which you will not literally see people moving on the mini-map. The first major update is likely to be rolled out around September. We explain you the most important changes for you already at a glance:

1. There will be an option that you can trade Pokémon with other players.

2. Pokéstops get several new features including healing your weak Pokemon.

3. New Pokémon will be added, probably the 2nd generation of Pokémon and possibly even 3rd.

4. Three virtual team leaders of Team Valor, Team Mystic and Team Instinct will give tips, advice and assignments to players. With daily tasks players can earn rewards. These team leaders have already given a name and face.


5. A large number of bug fixes will be implemented including the GPS bug where Pokémon always have “three foot steps” on the map. Also, GPS jammers will be scanned through which hackers have no chance of manipulating GPS coordinates.

6. New server farms are open for European and Asian players leaving less or no lagg and you will no longer be thrown out of the app.

7. Pokéstops will have the ability to be customized by players. Think of special items such as the “Lure Module but a different kind of item which has a certain influence on the Pokéstop. So players can more interactive with each other at Pokéstops.


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