The Top 5 Futuristic Motorcycles That Do Exist – And You Can Buy It

Lotus C  Motorcycle

Today we count down 5 futuristic motorcycles available now. Get your wallet out of your pocket and spend your money wisely, cause these toys are on the market.

Lotus C-01
01-lotus-c-01-660x371Wondering what next generations of motorcycles look like, well your wait is over. Get ready to get blasted head first, straight in to the future with the Lotus C-01. Manufactured by Kodewa under the brand and licensed by the Lotus Group, the C-01 officially Lotus’s first ever motorcycle combines state of the art racing technology within amazing futuristic look. It’s no wonder, designed by Daniel Simon, best known for his work on Tron, Legacy Light Cycles and the Bubble Copter in the 2013 movie Oblivion. The C-01 looks like as it comes straight out of a sciencefiction movie.

Lotus-C-01-Motorcycle-2 (1)

The engine which is artistically shrink wrapped with carbon fiber aluminum, a look inspired by the legendary Lotus 49 Formula 1 car of the 1960’s. Helps makes the C-01 one the most beautiful motorcycles ever made. It’s not only a pretty face, but it’s weighted 400 pounds, four stroke 200hp 2-cilinder engine on a steel titanium in carbon fiber chest, makes it a high performance super-bike. You can get this motorcycle for 137.000 dollars, only 100 of these were produced and in all 100 have been sold.

Johammer J1
Johammer-J1-Electric-Motorcycle-04Many motercyclist enthousiast have been clamming for an electric motorcycle finally live up to the range by performance standards. The J1 is not really a star wars model imperial speeders bike. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine that one of these swooping across the desert. The range have been a drawback for electric cycles. But the J1 allows for travel up to 200 kilometers or 125mph, enough to get you there and back again. With charge times between 2/5 and 3/5 hours, you’d be ready to hit the road in no time at all.

johammer_detail_0313 redoneTopping out of 75mph, the J1 has sufficient speed get you where ever you want to be. The high position rear mirrors show the latest and futuristic technology. Each mirror comes with embedded 2inch color LCD-screen that displays speed, charge level and more. Not to mention the z-bars give the cycle a stunning look. Starting around 25.000 dollars, it’s kinda pricy, but if you’re looking for a sufficient vehicle, this can be a really good choice.

Bandit 9 L
The makers of Bandit 9 L concept, believe that motorcycles should look, feel and ride like they come from another dimension. Nothing better demonstrates this L-concept motorcycle. Nicely priced around 8.000 dollars, only 9 of these models will be made. Based on the Honda Supersport 125, the L-concept high grade silver and steel unibody radiates toughness and simplicity. With a beautifully leather made skin seat, providing a nice contrast.


A twenty-first century touches added to a legendary profile with a jet engine in style custom engine cover. And the customization doesn’t stop there. The L’s handlebars, break lights signals are all custom. Each contributing the amazing identity. All Bandit 9 models motorcycles are evolutions of early models, with each new version paint respect to the predecessors, while adding it’s own personality and distinctiveness. The makers of the L-concept believe to be nothing less in a finally crafted work of art. And we defiantly, agree.

Meet the Japanese made ZeecOO that doesn’t distributed to any monsters of real or imagined. It’s cyborg -look profile, alien shaped carbon fiber vendors, gives an aggressive look that might scare of the competitions. It’s advanced electric motor makes it able to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds, with a top speed 100mph. The ZeecOO doesn’t just look mean, it can back it up. Despite it’s appearance, special attention is been giving in the engineering. Creating a comfortable ride with an incredible handling compatibility.

A retractable plug is included for charging it’s lithium ion battery assembly, with an 8 hour charge, providing a range about 100 miles.
Each Zeeco is priced around 72.000 dollars. They handmade for each individual customer and only 49 will be produced. With it’s quality craftsmanship, high profile standards as-well detailed colors scheme and monster like appearance. It defiantly earns his top points on the awesome list of electric motorcycles.

The Lightcycle
Have you ever imagined riding a Tron light cycle from the movie Tron Legacy? If only you can actually get one. But there not real right? Well, you’d be wrong… Parker Brothers Choppers has created a full-size street legal electric Tron Lightcycle that live up to all your wildest sci-fi fantasies. They call it the Newtron, with light strips on the body and wheels, it looks just like the movie version. It’s hub-less wheels, custom tires futuristically shaped body, makes the Newtron one of the most stunning motorcycles ever made. And after a 35 minutes charge, you can ride this fantasy with the lights on and blow the minds of everyone you street passed, for a 100 miles.

Electric-TRON-Light-BikeYou’ll also be assured of 120 miles of daytime riding. Day or night, you’d be dropping speeds of up to 100mph.
55.000 dollars is what it would take from your fantasy to a reality and put you on the seat of the real Tron Lightcycle.

Finally you’re off the grid and into reality.

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