Earlier this year ‘El Chapo’ Joaquin Guzman was arrested again. A few months ago he brilliantly escaped again from a high security prison.

Now there’s a documentary about the life of this drug lord: The Rise and Fall of El Chapo.
It is the reminiscent of the Narcos series or the life of Pablo Escobar. Only is Escobar still a pushover compared to the hard pebble El Chapo.

el-chapo-escapes-againEl Chapo is a man who, like Pablo that built up a huge drug empire. Expensive cars, luxury villas, beautiful women and money, lots of money. El Chapo is a small man with a big hand that reaches across Mexico. Until recently in Midwest America, about three-quarters of the hard drugs came from his cartel. Interviews show that El Chapo was brutal, worse than Escobar. This month (August), the two-hour documentary will be broadcast on the History Channel.

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