Club Project In London a Tropical Paradise with DJ’s.


The founders of Glastonbury festival, decided to take another turn into clubbing, and announced ‘Summerland’.

Summerland looks like a tropical paradise for the young and old; 13 meter high Waterfalls, a bar underneath that waterfall, Hot tubs, a deejay booth which overlooks the whole area.
Next to all this will the ceiling look like a real day and night sky, through videomapping.

IT’s Warm, it’s a tropical ENVIRONMENT and it’s about health and RELAXATION.

They build a 3D model to give you a look on what the idea of what Summerland might be:

With crowdfunding they hope to collect enough to make this reality.
If they manage to do this, then it would be a game changer !
Think about it !? Grab a plane to London put on your speedo, relax and party under the artificial waterfalls get in the hot tubs until the blue skies change into the night skies.
What a dream !


See the full Seedrs campaign here ! 

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