The ‘New’ Buttocks Of Taylor Swift.

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Taylor Swift is not known for her curves. We have to look twice when the singer was at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and appeared with a bigger booty on the red carpet. But how?

Like a year ago at the Grammys, the 26 year old had a jumpsuit on. This time, no white with cut-outs, but a sexy black catsuit full of sequins. Even more striking than her naughty look, were her buttocks, which may have looked a lot fuller than a year ago. Done a lot of squats, push-up pants, or had a little help?

Actually, we can not ignore the behind of Taytay. recently during her vacation with boyfriend Calvin Harris we saw her bikini bottom was well stocked. Fans suspect she maybe managed to let syringes in her buttocks. We think she owes her new buttocks to countless squats and other sports exercises. Because if you look closely, you can see that her legs have become much more muscular. If this is not motivation for the summer…

Way to go Taylor ! 


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