The new 3 year old Deejay on the block ! Wins South Africa’s Got Talent !


Playing with your toys that’s what most kids do when they are 3 years old.
You would think, DJ Arch Jnr, a three-year-old DJ from South Africa who just became the youngest winner ever of South Africa’s Got Talent !

With his bumping beats little DJ arch Jnr got the Audience and Judges on their feet.

We are just going to keep on doing, what we’re doing, told his father Glenn on Etv.

“He’s still a young kid there is still a lot that will happen as he grows. So for now, he’s still a kid and he’s just going to go on as he does. 

“I don’t think that winning SA Got Talent, will affect his life in any negative way. He has great parents and we are here to mentor him.

We hope to see more of this little fellow and who know’s one day you’ll be dancing in a club where DJ Arch Jnr. will make the the crowd go wild !

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