The First Legend Of Tarzan Trailer Containing Margot Robbie As Jane.

Legend of Tarzan

Warner Bros dives in 2016 for the second time in the jungle for a remake of an old classic. Earlier, we saw a new version of Jungle Book come over from disney and now also get the other in the jungle boy who grew up a new coat of paint.

The Legend of Tarzan will appear somewhere in the summer of next year and the first trailer certainly not disappointing. No bright colors, but a serious king of the jungle.
The man that plays Tarzan is this time the Swede Alexander Skarsgård you may know hom of True Blood. Fine actor, but we are particularly excited about is that Samuel L. Jackson and the beautiful Margot Robbie that has a major role. The beautiful blonde Hollywood star takes Jane to the role and we are certain that it is going to be the most beautiful Jane we have ever seen.

Check out the trailer:

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