The 25 Coolest Space Pictures From NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly.

scott kelly

A year Scott Kelly was the boss on the International Space Station, but now it is time for the Americans to go home. Together with the Russian Mikhail Kornienko he leaves after 342 days being in the space station.

Both were last year a sort of guinea pigs to see how the mind and body to deal with such a long time in space. Being an Astronaut is a dream, but according to Scott, it is especially tedious for many boys.

“Space is heavy. You can never break it, you can never go out.
It is the same day after day for a long time”

It is up to the astronauts themselves to make it a bit more fun, four hundred kilometers above the Earth. Scott took his camera. During his time on the space station, he has shot the necessary images of our wonderful world and these are the 25 most beautiful.

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