The 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials.

Super Bowl  tv channel football game

Commercials are often a moment to zap away, but at the Super Bowl no one would dare to touch the remote. For the commercials that are broadcast are spared no expense during the grand sporting event.

Ryan Reynolds, Christopher Walken, Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Steven Tyler: Stars are queuing up to praise products during the Super Bowl. A lucrative gig, as companies dig deep into their pockets to broadcast commercials during the most watched event in the country.

A thirty-second spot costs about 4.5 million dollars for airtime only. Added to this is undoubtedly generous salaries of the hired stars and production costs. But why wouldn’t you as an advertiser, because last year 114.5 million Americans looked to the sporting event. The commercials are a happening in itself: before the Super Bowl, they are often viewed millions of times on YouTube.

For the fiftieth edition of the Super Bowl businesses do everything to gain all the attention to bring their products to men. The 10 most memorable commercials of the 2016 Super Bowl in a row.

1. A village full of Ryan Reynolds clones

Two women riding (a farm-fresh Hyundai) by the fictional Ryan Ville. But there is something strange going on in the village, everyone looks like actor Ryan Reynolds!

2. Playing hotdogs

Heinz makes a herd of dachshunds in slow motion frolic through a meadow (to the sounds of ‘Can not live if living is without you “for extra drama) with a sandwich and a sausage on their backs. The hopping watering hot dogs are greeted by people dressed as ketchup. The message: good taste is irresistible.

3. Beer with Amy Schumer

The beer brand Budweiser is known for great Super Bowl commercials and also picks up this year with several high-profile commercials. To promote their light beer they have actors Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd managed to snare. And who take their job very seriously.

4. Mini all-rounder

“This is a girls car, tennis star Serena Williams explains in advertising Mini. Cute, little, girl car… Mini is said of everything, but that doesn’t do the car nothing, if we are to believe Harvey Keitel. Mini does not labels.

5. “I can do that ‘

Pokémon is 20 years old and celebrates with this epic advertising.

6. A little magic Axe

Who needs a six pack if you have a good nose? And why do you need such a good nose when you have a nice suit? Everyone has their own magic, find yours, is what deodorant brand Axe want to say.

7. Puppy Monkey Baby

Three friends decide to hang a night at home when suddenly an uninvited guest comes within. Is it a puppy, a monkey or a baby? Well uh … all three.

8. The hotline Drake

T-Mobile opens the attack on competition and puts Drake and his megahit Hotline Bling to convey the message. Which reads: other providers ruin everything, but not T-Mobile.

9. Singing Skittles

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler will meet his alter ego in Skittles.

10. Walken closet

You walk unsuspectingly in your walk-in closet, Christopher Walken suddenly sitting there staring at you. Think you’ve seen it all, he also begins to give a speech on beige socks…

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