Tea Party For Agent That Rescued A Little Girl (2).

HT TeaParty ml

Very touching: Bexley Norvel (2) wanted to do something special, to thank policeman Patrick Ray for saving her life, a year earlier. And what do you do when you’re a two-year-old girl ? Right, you organize a tea party for him.

On July 26 2015 agent Patrick Ray, helped Bexley Norvel at home after being choked by a swallowed coin and was not breathing. “I could not believe how fast he was here” mother Tammy said about the speed which the agent was in her house after she dialed emergency number 911. The agent told CBF DSW that the sound when the coin in the throat of the girl’s was released and she could breathe again ‘was the best he ever heard in his life.

Although a photo shoot is not part of the daily activities of an agent, what can not be seen in the pictures. While enjoying an apple juice and Oreo cookies the pair was captured.
With very cute images as a result.

Watch the tea party

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