Suddenly there were rumors to launch a revision of the Playstation 4 as the Playstation 4 Slim.

In itself not crazy, that happens with every generation of consoles, but now suddenly a video of someone unpacking the new PS4 and shows the device, all before the device is officially announced by Sony. Sony is obviously not happy with it, so watch the video before it surely will be removed !

ps4-slim-vs-ps4-comparison-image-1If you’re curious about the size difference between the Slim and the original PS4, there are already pictures of it, it is striking that the difference is not huge. In the video however it is shown that there are also small changes made to the controller, making it for example, the light that also seems still in a thin line in the back looks it is at the top of the controller.

Normally it is always deliberating whether these types of videos are fake, but it looks so real (he even plugged it in and powered up) that it is almost inevitable that Sony just have to go and show this device to the audience. It will be an interesting press conference.

Check out the video

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