Steve-O is of course known for his sick stunts. Not so strange when he once again tries a silly trick. This time it ended not as good as he thought for him.

We all do want a car driving under us while we try to land on a skateboard?
Steve-O tries it for us, with all his pleasure. The first few times it seems best to go well.
He does not land that great but hey, nothing broken. At the time it goes wrong he surely let us know.

steve o 2

His followers on Snapchat are pampered with a picture of his foot unhealthy tilted.
Not much later, Steve-O has announced via Twitter that he soon will be operated.
This is not the first time and probably not the last. It certainly does not seem to bother him that much. His Instagram post had a picture where his body language says;
Shit happens.

Hopefully Steve-O will recover quickly, so that he can do some new sick stunts.
A Delicious weirdo it still remains.

Check out the video 

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