Star Wars Battlefront: a new Galaxy far far away.


The First 2 Battlefronts were the most profitable Star Wars games of all time.
Now 10 years later EA and DICE has set out to recreate the greatest battles in the Star Wars Galaxy.

95d2a70624af36389ac0a11f510c92cc7c035826Everything in the game is very authentic to the original movies of Star wars.
Unlike the first two battlefronts there no single player story or campaign, but there are missions you can play by yourself.

“Survival’ is a one or two player horde mode across four maps where you have to eliminate increasingly stronger waves of imperial forces

“Battle missions” put you against a second player or AI, you can play as an Imperial or Rebel infantry or as one of the heroes. Considering each hero plays differently, battle missions are the perfect way to get comfortable with their abilities.

There are only 6 heroes in the new battlefront which is a significant drop from the 23 Star Wars characters that were eventually playable in Battlefront 2.
The heroes are definitely in balanced but Boba Fett is the clear winner with a flamethrower for close quarters a rocket, powerful blaster and a jetpack that can take him almost anywhere on the map.


Multiplayer is divided in nine game types, the traditional deathmatch is one of these games.
Cargo resembles capture the flag and as you stealing five containers from the other side to the win.

Our favorite in multiplayer is Fighter Squadron which focus entirely on flight and has it’s own set of heroes like the Millennium Falcon and the Slave one. For flying in these you need to pick up special icons that spot in the environment. You get points for eliminating AI ships a bit more for actual pilots and even more for transport shovels that attempt to leave the warzone.

2916874-star_wars_battlefront_-_fighter_squadron_-_a_wing_vs_imperial_shuttle___final_for_releaseStar Wars Battlefront is a epic cinematic experience, If you felt the Force Awakening in you this year, let it in !

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