Gamescom is finished but left allot of good stuff behind. What really catches our eyes was this 1 hour-gameplay of Star Citizen.

It’s still a early beta version 3.0 but really created allot of attention. The demo footage shows planetary landing conducted by two players, who take off from a station in the depths of space, and travel through hyperspace towards their target. Check the non-loading screen gameplay.

After the players make their way to the shadowy free-town of Levski, we get to see what trading, chatting to NPC’s and exploration looks like. It’s also worth remembering that all of this is completely multiplayer. Goosebumps.

The demo show’s off the game’s upcoming 3.0 release planned for later this year, and builds upon the already solid structure from the 2.5 update, adding in more personality to the cold, dark grips of space.


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