Space X: Three Time’s The Charm, Rocket Successfully Landed.


After two failed attempts, the SpaceX now managed to make a successful rocket landing on earth. An important step for the commercial space flight because now rockets can be reused. With this spacecraft there are 11 satellites brought in orbit around the Earth.

The previously used thruster landed again shortly in Cape Canaveral.
Bringing back intact rocket is an important priority for SpaceX to suppress the cost of space travel.  It’s not just something to make a rocket land. A spokesman for SpaceX likened it to CNN with “shooting a pencil during a storm on the Empire State Building and then to land in a shoebox”.

sbvidwaThe space company Blue Origin of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was recently the first company to launch a rocket into space, to then let it land again.
The Rocket reached a height of about one hundred kilometers, not close enough for an object to get in orbit around the earth.

Check out the historic landing by Space X:

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