So That’s How Kim Kardashian Got Those Perky Breasts Without A Bra.

kim kardashian vmas  low cut boobs

Kim Kardashian – often shrouded in a dress slit up to her navel – is blessed with a great facade. But she’s always so proud of her breasts and she show that to her feet without a bra, and that was until now a mystery.

The redeeming answer is that they are held in place (and lifted) by gaffer tape.
That reveals the reality star on her own website.

“I’ll just share with you my tape tip”

Thanks to tape my breasts are always in shape. I tried really everything. Of duct tape to masking tape. Gaffer tape works best. You just need to make sure that you do not first have smeared oil or lotion on your breasts. And by the time the tape must come off: LOL “Thanks for the tip, Kim…

Sure enough, it really works:

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