YouTuber Casey Neistat makes a habit of crazy winter videos. This year he dangles with a snowboard on a gigantic drone.

Last year vlogger Casey Neistat shared a video in which he is hanging behind a car through the snowy streets of New York sliding on a snowboard. That video has been viewed over 15 million times but Neistat wants outdo himself again. So he went to hang a giant handmade drone with his snowboard, and then fly high in the sky.

Credits – Casey Neistat/Youtube

The big man quadcopter just fits in a truck and covered with red and green Christmas lights. What do you do with such a drone when your name is Casey Neistat? You take it to a crowded Finnish ski slope and you’re going to hang out naturally. How powerful the drone is shown when Neistat makes a jump and then just continues to rise and rise.
Without any problems he hangs dozens of meters above the snow.

Check out the video

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