SNL: White Fans In Panic To ‘Black Beyoncé’.


The stream for TV shows and movies online is growing continuously.
The tube section we select the best, most interesting and most moving pieces. Today: SNL spoof The Day Beyoncé Turned Black.

Beyonce stole the show with her Super Bowl Concert last week but not only the show, she also made a clear political statement about black activism. While she sang her new single Formation, in which she sings proudly about her origins and talks about police violence against African Americans in the US.
But such a political statement that does not belong in the Super Bowl, said critics.

The US television’s Saturday Night Live made a parody trailer for the fictional movie
“The Day Beyoncé Turned Black”. We see white people react astonished and totally freak out when they hear that their favorite singer appears to be black. “For white people it was just a normal, great week” a classic film voiceover. “They saw it coming and did not get any warning. But the day before the Super Bowl, it happened.

Check out the funny video:

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