One and a half months ago Snapchat suddenly announced its first hardware product to the world: Spectacles. Sunglasses that lets you film video, especially for Snapchat.

The price for the glasses $130 when it was announced, but where to buy the glasses was pretty unclear. Until today. You can not get the Spectacles in stores and cannot even order it online. Instead, you can pick them out of a kind of vending machine: the Snapbot.


This large yellow cabinets contain three buttons with the different colors of the glasses. Then you can see on the screen (eye) how the glasses you would fit (as a kind of Snapchat filter it will appear on your face). Then you can pay it with your credit or debit card and you can get him out of a bowl !

Credits - Snapchat
Credits – Snapchat

The fact that Snapchat choose this method of sale indicates that the product is intended primarily as a marketing tool. Snapchat sees it more as a gimmick to create a great hype, then as a product where it conquers the market. The Snapbots will be placed at different locations, using a special card you can see where. A special geofilter in Snapchat appears if there is one nearby.

The idea is that the Snapbots are always standing a short period of time somewhere and then moved again. At present there is a Bot on the coast of Santa Monica near Los Angeles. Whether there are plans to put the device out of the US in unclear, but it seems not to happen.

Credits - Snapchat
Credits – Snapchat

Also you can try using a secret Spectacles filter on Snapchat.
These can be unlocked by scanning a special code with Snapchat.

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