Sleeping With Sharks? It’s Possible Now With AirBnb.

Sleeping with the Sharks

People can go from 11 to 13 April to The Paris Shark Aquarium and can have a very special slumber party. Every night two people can sleep ten meters below the ground between three million liters of water and 35 sharks.

There are some house rules, because you can not take selfies in the dark, cannot sleepwalk or Swimming and keep arms and legs always in the bedroom. And it is also useful to not watch the movie Jaws before you stay here.

picture_vk_Een_keertje_tussen_de_haaien_slapenUnfortunately, you can not book it just online, but you can only win through a competition of Airbnb. Photos of this special Shark room can be viewed here.

Check out the video:

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