Skateboarders Make Use Of A Dry Water Park In Dubai.

picture vk Skateboarders toveren droog waterpark in Dubai om tot skatebaan

Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai has been dry since January due major maintenance. And you might think that a dry water park there is no fun to experience. And that’s just not true.

picture_vk_Skateboarders_toveren_droog_waterpark_in_Dubai_om_tot_skatebaan_01Because an Italian, an Argentinean and a German turned the normal 7 hectares of surface water into a dry skating paradise. The skateboarders went down partly on a 156 meter long winding between a 14 meter high wall and the drained water slide Aquaconda the world’s largest. And, of course, produced a beautiful video with amazing pictures.

Check out the video:

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