Sheep Gets A Shave After Six Years 22 Kilos Of Wool.


Six years ago she got lost and so thought the owner of the Australian sheep Sheila that the animal was dead. Miraculously, the sheep was recently found by the side of the road. In all those years, Sheila was never shaved, it was so well about time for a shave.
The proceeds ? Almost 22 kilos of wool.

Since 2010 the sheep wandered around in the wilderness of the Australian state of Tasmania. When Sheila was found, she was unable to stand on his own legs, says Peter Jones, who found the animal against the journal. “She winked at me . It was clear that she was not dead, so I tried to get her back on her feet. “The sheep was returned to its rightful owner Derek Turvey, he ensured that the animal finally was shaved again.

The amount of wool that was shaved from Sheila can be yielded exceptional, it is not a record. That is on the name of the sheep Chris. He also walked around for about six years in the wilderness before he was shaven. They shave yielded a whopping 42.45 Kg wool. The sheep smashed the previous record of 27 kilos of wool that was on the name of the New Zealand sheep Shrek.

Check out the wooly video:

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