Self Driving Mercedes: Behind the Wheel at CET 2017

Self driving Mercedes 2017
Self driving Mercedes 2017

Mercedes got his own self driving car on the market and we were able to review it to the fullest! Watch the video below! This tech is not only Tesla.

We are at CES 2017 and we guess Mercedes saw what we were doing with all the other car videos of Tesla. So they invited us to the dessert to take a look at the way they’re tacking self driving. So obviously allot of people know about Tesla and their driving capabilities.

It’s practically what they’re most know for, but allot of people forget or don’t even realize allot of other car manufacturers are working on the same thing, in their own way.

so you’re probably familiar with Mercedes and their great reputation for quality and luxury. And their interieurs, you’ve seen them before.

So you could see where they putting sensors. The dual camera system goes all the way up to front just like the Tesla. It’s reading street signs and speed limits. Also it have radar firing from behind the bumpers on both the left and right-hand side to see around the car and what’s near you on the road. And even a forward facing radar  to bounce off the car in front of you.

There are 2 main differences versus the Tesla autopilot. So the biggest difference is, basically they not using just the sensor cameras in the car for autonomous driving like Tesla does. They actually added map data from a company aswel to automate that. So it’s not just the sensors and the cameras. It’s the sensors and the cameras and maps.

Radar sensor
Radar sensor

Driving in regular normal roads that doesn’t matter too much but it does add the ability to make a turn by itself when it’s on the map. So for example if I’m on the road and the car is self driving and my turn is coming up, couple hundred yards before my turn, I put the blinker on.

So the car keeps driving, but when I do that, It checks the map to see when the next turn is. When you get close to it, it wil slow you down automatically, make the turn free for you and then excellerate back up to the speed limit.

What do you think about this technology? Will you trust them?

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