Ronda Rousey Ends Up In A Hospital

ronda rousey knockout fight hospital ufc

Well, it’s not over yet for the female UFC fighter. The devastating knockout of Holly Holm went viral after she made Ronda Rousey sleep.

After the K.O. punch she had to be hospitalized immediately. Must been a terrible feeling for her to lose this way. Usually, when there’s a fight, ends up in to a wake up call and the fighter is back on his feet.

It started in Melbourne, Australia when Holly didn’t expect to destroy one of the most respected female fighters in the world. What, she completely nailed it with a good fight.

The first round was a defiantly a loss for Ronda, Holm took the second round Holm kicked Rousey with a left high kick and created a mat situation. It was a best win and a bad luck for Ronda.

Allot of bleeding photos were discovered on Celebrity websites that could shock you. Too bad the reporters couldn’t do a descent review, because she had to be rushed asap to a hospital.

“Ronda is currently being transported to a local hospital for precautionary purposes.”

We don’t know if it will be a good comeback for Ronda. The fighter is in a serious condition. The reason for a bad performance could let by itself. Too much of media attention can cause instabilities and loosing focus.

The food lover will be jealous but let’s admit it, she got a gorgeous body for a fighter.

Spectacular celebration and her husband is the proudest man in the world.

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