It has now been a while since the world famous animal lover Steve Irwin has passed away. In 2006, Steve was stabbed during a dive by a stingray and he could no longer retell us the story.

Although the Australian animal lover is gone, it does not mean that his love for animals is not passed on to the younger generation. Robert Irwin is thirteen years and is just as crazy about animals as his father.

Robert was a guest on the television show of Jimmy Fallon and had some friends from the Australian Zoo brought to liven up the show. The enormous enthusiasm of the younger version of Steve Irwin is contagious, especially if he puts a big snake in the hands of Jimmy and say that you can just cuddle with Lady.

Robert Irwin With Jimmy Kimmel.

We hope that this small boss will follow the footsteps his father and is going to make the most beautiful movies with animals.

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