Reusable Rocket By Amazon Boss Makes History.

ECD  Blue Origin Amazon founder Jeff Bezos private space firm has suc a

Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon started back in 2000 a private space firm called ‘Blue Origin’.
And in the begin of this year (2015) he secretly launched an uncrewed rocket close to space.

The race for reusable rockets has been going on for a while with Space X (Elon Musk) and NASA, but the new player ‘Blue Origin’ has made a successful historic move in Rocket Landing.

The ‘New Sheppard’ rocket was launched from private Blue Origin’s launch site in Texas.
It reached a suborbital altitude of 62 miles (100km) and 8 minutes later it landed with back on the launch site.

Being able to refly a rocket will slash launch costs, a game-changer for the space industry, Bezos said.

The Vehicle is designed to carry six passengers above earth, breached between the boundary of the atmosphere and space.

Three billionaires Richard Branson, Musk and Bezos have entered the space arena in recent years and the race to create a reusable rocket for future space missions or space tourism has made its first success.

From Amazoning to Space industry, we’re absolutely impressed check out the video !

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