“This is the hottest nigga of all time!” says Tory Lanez enthusiastic about Rich chigga. All rappers Desiigner, Tory Lanez, Ghostface Killah, Madeintyo and Cam’ron to Flatbush Zombies, Jazz Cartier, 21, Savage and Gold Link are very pleased with the Indonesian rapper. Tory Lanez even believes that ‘Rich Chigga’ can provide competition: “He’d kill 70% of all American rappers.”
Rich Chigga
Rich chigga made a video for that ‘Dat $tick‘ where he wears a buttoned pink polo an oldskool hip bag and red sunglasses. This ensures that Tory Lanez is astonished
“Look how he looks, which makes him just as hard!” Ghostface Killah also sees that as something positive “. It’s different, he is himself and that’s dope I want to be on that track!” What they do not know about the rapper:

Rich chigga is the stage name of Brian Imanuel. He is not from California and is NOT of Chinese descent, as people often think. Rich chigga is a boy of 16 years from the Indonesian capital Jakarta. He’s actually a comic vlogger doing his thing on Twitter, Instagram and Vine. With the success of Rich chigga the Indonesian decided to do more music. “Dat $tick” began as a joke, but now it’s a joke that famous American rappers find it dope!

Check out the video

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