R. Kelly Walks Away Irritated From A Video Interview.


R. Kelly walked away upset during a video interview with Huffington Post.
He thought it was “disrespectful” that he was prompted by the issues surrounding sexual abuse in which he was involved.

On Huff Post, R. Kelly was repeatedly accused of abuse of minors and sings on his new album The Buffet frequently about sex.

“This is a trial”

“I did not come here to be interrogated or to make a statement”

The R&B singer defended himself when asked about the impact of sexual offenses on his life and his music. This is not about R. Kelly, not about music and not about someone who works hard for his music. This is a trial. This is disrespectful.

Yet interviewer Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani was indeed that the subject was relevant and continued to ask. This says more about your intelligence than mine, responded Kelly who gave her the opportunity to ask any question. When that question was again on the same subject, the singer had, had enough and left. “I love you” However, he did so in a very polite way. I understand that this is your work, but this interview is over. I love my fans and I love you, he said to the interviewer. The gentleman gives her a compliment as he walks away: Thank you very much. You are very pretty.
Since Caroline is clearly not amused. You do not really make comments about my appearance, she says before she completes the program.

Check out The interview:

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