Pokémon Go In Real Life

pokemon go in real life
Pokémon Go In Real Life, New York City

Casey Neistat is a Pokémon Go catcher in real life, ended up with a hilarious video as a result in New York City.

What seemed to be a joke, it turned out to be a serious viral Pokémon Go video. Filmmaker and Youtuber hit a another record over 2 million views.

Casey Neistat grew up in Connecticut , along with his two brothers and sister. At age fifteen, he left his home, and he eventually moved with his then girlfriend Virginia . When she became pregnant a few months later, the couple moved back to Connecticut. In April 1998 his son was born.

Casey Neistat in his Beme head quarters ( 2016 )

On February 15, 2010 Casey Neistat launched its first YouTube channel. On this platform, he places travel, work assignments and do it yourself projects. Neistat worked with companies such as Mercedes-Benz , Nike and J.Crew. On March 26, 2015, he started a new series on YouTube with daily vlogs about his work, private life and trips he makes.

It started out on a sunny day in New York city, where Casey is basically based his whole summer. Doing research on Pokémon Go, he got an idea to make a real life episode. The making of the mania is just funny to watch. Seems like we all turned into zombies, check out what actually happend while shooting the Pokémon video.

This game changed the whole world now, finally we are getting outside. Thanks Nintendo!

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