Playboy Mansion For Sale With Hugh Included.


The world famous Playboy Mansion will be officially put on sale the next month. And certainly not an unimportant detail for potential buyer: you get Hugh Hefner included when buying the mansion.

The company Playboy Enterprises, the owner of the house wants a paltry 200 million dollars for the luxury niche. According to brokers, this is an unrealistic price, because the Playboy Mansion is in fact expired. They estimate the value between 80 and 90 million dollars, writes TMZ.

13-things-you-didn-t-know-about-the-playboy-mansionThe remarkable condition of the sale is quite unique because roommate Hugh Hefner is included (and unfortunately, not the bunnies). He namely wants to live there until his death. Another condition is therefore that potential buyers may not see his room if they want to buy the villa. Hugh nevertheless still owns a little of its mini-mansion…

The villa was in the seventies known when Hefner took up residence and organized wild parties there. Huge house has 22 rooms and has a wine cellar, cinema room, games room, tennis / basketball court and a swimming pool with waterfall and grotto.


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