Play All Nintendo Games On Your Classic Game Boy.


Do you also get nostalgic feelings at the sight of the first Game Boy, we like to show you how you can revive this handheld.

It turns out that with a bit of soldering here and there you can make sure that the Game Boy is able to load games from a microSD card and also to run games for the Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance and Sega Genesis, so you are able to play all the games from your childhood on the old Game Boy.

The good news: it will cost you almost nothing. YouTuber Wermy used a Raspberry Pi Zero to modify his Game Boy and thereby immediately added some extra buttons and a rechargeable battery to. Best of all: he managed to fit the old Game Boy cartridges with a microSD card, loaded with games.

Since the Raspberry Pi Zero is equipped with emulator software it lets you not only play classic Game Boy games, but also modern games. Wermy the Game Boy equipped with a color screen, so these games accounted justice to his custom Nintendo.

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