“Pilot unwell ? I will land the aircraft on the ground”.

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Imagine: the pilot is unwell and half the airplane looks you questioning during the flight. Then you’ll be glad you’ve seen this instructional video

It is a question on the scientific platform Quora.com: what to do when I was a passenger that should take control of a plane? The American pilot Tim Morgan was not afraid to explain it in a ten-minute film. He does this by usingĀ a flight simulator, a well-known way for pilots to practice.

ezgif-931594638First the good news: most probably the autopilot is doing its job. The bad news: you’ll have to land the aircraft. Hopefully you are currently in a Boeing 737, because that’s the plane described in the film.

The key is in any case not to panic. And that you speak the English language, if only to call “Mayday! Mayday!” over the radio. And in order to understand all the compliments.

Check out the instructional video:

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