Obama Cries During Speech About Weapons Act.


Barack Obama conclusions about the uncontrolled sale of firearms in the US, When I think of kids with guns, I become sad.” Then he quoted the shootings in Newton, and wiped a tear away. During the strikingly emotional speech the US president emphasized that the time for political games play are long gone.
“Congress wants to keep stricter gun laws because they want to win the election” he said. “But if voters show they disagree with how things are run, Congress will change direction.”

Obama also said that these changes need time.

“To say that something is a lot of work, is not an excuse anymore,”

he continued. “The era of excuses should be behind us.”

In order to prevent massacres in the future, the US president calls for tighter arms law on the basis of some concrete measures. So he wonders why it would not be able to besides smartphones also equip weapons with an identification mechanism that the user’s fingerprint asks. “A child can not open a bottle of aspirin: it may also be persuaded not a trigger.”

Obama wants to further expand the background check. The identity of people who buy a weapon, should be fully and accurately informed, so that not just anyone can walk out the gun store with a gun.

Watch the speech here:

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