Just like every other human, astronauts also have to do number 2 when they need to go to the toilet. Astronauts now use special diapers, but that is not so convenient when space travel is longer, for example an 8 month travel to Mars.

Therefore, the US space agency NASA has created a real space poop challenge to find a solution to the toilet issue.

The astronauts now wear a special suit next to the diapers, which can store up one excrement per day. NASA announced on the contest page:

“What we need is a system in a space that can hold human waste up to 144 hours and can carry it out without using hands”

This system must work in space, where a limited gravity liquids, solids and gases floating around and does not necessarily mix or behave as they do on Earth. This system should help astronauts to keep themselves alive and healthy for six days


Whoever finds an inventive solution that also meets the existing space suit, can count himself rich. NASA is offering $ 30,000 in prize money. If a trip to Mars is included in order to test the invention, is not known. However, it is of course a special idea that astronauts with your idea can soon easily defecate!

Ideas can be submitted until December 20 via the competition page.

Check out the video

Astronaut Richard Mastracchio on Space Poop Challenge from HeroX on Vimeo.

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