Mother Sees Ghost Wander Upstairs By Her Sleeping Daughter.

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On the Internet there are so many different videos of “spirits”, one even more fake than the other. Still, this movie makes, which would have seen a ghost, a stir. Because here we can see very clearly a ghost.

Jade Yates, a mother of Victoria (Australia), looked at her sleeping baby through a special monitor, just to check whether the girl was sleeping peacefully. To her surprise, she saw not only a peacefully sleeping girl, but also a floating shape of a baby who seemed to look at her daughter.

Completely in shock, the young mother posted the video on its Facebook page where the video has been shared more than 15,000 times. She wrote: “I can say that I am not going to have a good sleep tonight”. Who believes in ghosts? I did not until five minutes ago. This is a video of my baby Ruby in bed, but Ruby is the sleeping baby in the cot. In her room with the door closed and no one else there, or so I thought.

According to Jade it would not be a evil spirit, the figure seemed calm and just wanted to play. To anyone who doubted the mother sent yet there is no hanging objects found in the room, the curtains and door were closed and so it was not a ray of light or wind.
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