Mercedes: S600 Royale Spotted! One Of A Kind Car Model.

Unique Mercedes S600 Royale car model
Unique Mercedes S600 Royale car model

Mercedes S600 Royale was spotted in LA. Nobody knows who owns this this car. Would you buy this car? You will never see this car on the road again.

Mercedes S600 Royale is one of a kind model, there’s only one model on the entire planet. We see a car clearly grandiose than an S-Class, with a few questionable design. A classic Benz grille (but I can not find any classic Benz with exactly such a grille) dominates the front, the summary SLS headlights take a good second spot in chrome. Just before the front doors is another outlet reminiscent of the copy on a SLR McLaren. All in all a motley collection Mercedes parts and -stijlinvloeden which together a tribute (should) be the legendary 600.

The undersigned has equally drowsy googled, but still can not find any clue. Therefore, in this appeal to all Autoblog -occasion detectives “who has the gold tip to solve the case of the mysterious Mercedes 600?

This car was made for Nasser Al Thani


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