It’s finally happening, the battle of the titans is coming! Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather would have reached agreement on their long-anticipated fight that has yet to take place this year in the crazy viva Las Vegas reports the Irish Sun.

For months there are rumors about the fight between these two giants that both excel in their sport. McGregor would like a boxing competition and told that he would give floyd a few slaps. As we all know Mayweather likes a good fight for a huge fee, the boxing champion wanted a whopping $100 million cash for the fight. However, that was way too much too fancy for every boxing promoter.

Fortunately for the fans the two men have now made agreements on the income. They have now made agreements and how they have to be divided. It looks like as thought Floyd is going to get his 100 million dollars, again nicely done. It remains until the third party agrees to host the event of the year, this will hopefully be a little something.


We can not wait to see the UFC champion to work against the undefeated boxing beast. Mayweather has already 49 professionals matches that he won, the way he did it is not for everyone equally popular. Floyd has the habit to win on points and above technical boxing. He will anyhow do the 50th match, thinks McGregor, who likes to get in the ring.


We wonder how floyd will deal with the massive aggression that McGregor brings in the ring and tries to destroy his opponents. To make it fair for both to keep the two rivals will boxing against each other, it will be not a MMA fight. It doesn’t matter, if necessary, they fight in the parking lot of the wal-mart, as long as we see the two fighting champs at work!


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